Return Prime

Your one stop platform to track and optimize returns and exchanges.

Responsive design for all devices

Monitor the entire process in one place

Easy integrations and setup

With increase in buying rate, happiness increases for business owners but also haunts them with the increase of returns. So much so that even the most experienced and settled e-tailers feel powerless.

It seems to be a vicious issue when it comes on to returning the product from customer end. This is due to the limitations in the structure of e-commerce shopping.

We aim to solve this. For business owners, for consumers and for everyone around the globe who is a part of the E-commerce market.


Customer buying again if Returns are easy


Time reduced for processing each request


Customers looking for Free Returns/Shipping


Customers checking the Returns Page before Shopping


Customers likely to buy if they can Return the product In-Store


Easy Returns & Exchange for your orders

Return Prime is controlled by the store owners, providing their customers a super amazing return and exchange option for the bought products.

Very soon there will be a time when your choice will be dominated by the data and powerful insights. Return Prime creates the dominance.

Features of Return Prime

Return Prime is your one stop partner to manage all your returns and exchanges while providing you with powerful insights about the same and assisting the growth of your store.

Live analytics and powerful insights.

Minimal and Clean Design

Efficient process automation.

Multiple Courier Partner integration.

DIY Returns and Exchange Policy configurations.

Multiple warehouse addition.


Logistics Integrations

Trusted by 500+ stores

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